Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Boss - Lady

Yeah! One of my favourite song recently haha

Suke sore dorang, suke lagu nie and suke lirik die! Combination yang sangat best. Rasenye dorang nie memang seswai sangat bawak lagu ballad sebab lagu sebelum nie x nampak seswai ngan gaya dorang hehe

credit: lovekpopsubs8 @ YT

Yang nie lak live version. Sukenye Hyunmin main piano. Dala memang suke sore yg macam die. Besar2 sket, garau2 sket. Ahhhhhh melting. Yang lain pun not bad. Memang xle nak sangkal lagi vokal diorang nie huhu ^^ awesome!!!

credit: OPENWORLDent @ YT

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

[PROFILE] The Boss

 from left: Hyunmin, Mika, Karam, Injoon,Jay


Position: Leader
Real Name: Lee Suhoon 이수훈
Birthdate: 1990.06.28
Height: 1.78cm
Bloodtype: B

Real Name: Woo Hyunmin 우현민
Birthdate: 1991.07.22
Height: 1,81cm
Bloodtype: O

Real name: Park Hyuncheol 박현철
Birthdate: 1991.06.28
Height: 1,78cm
Bloodtype: B

Real Name: Lee Injoon 이인준
Birthdate: 1992.03.09
Height: 1.75cm
Bloodtype: O

Real Name: Jeon Jihwan 전지환
Birthdate: 1994.03.31
Height: 1,70cm
Bloodtype: A

credit: &

p/s: for the 1st picture, I cannot differentiate which is Mika and which one is Jay lol this is my first time too grrrrr sorry if there is any mistake :)

Message, a way to MYNAME

I don't understand the title but i just want to put it that way keke

I'm currently addicted to this song, Message from MYNAME. Since I always forgot the members name, so this is like a tutorial for me to remember their name easily. LOL

The members are not too handsome, not to cute, not too pretty but when u listen and watch their performances, they become more attractive especially the one in red hair that I always forget his name keke

I guess everyone knows that they are under Hwanhee and their debut is on the day Hwanhee's leaving for army. I mean, Hwanhee go but leave us with 5 attractive singers keke

So, here it is. For full profile, refer to previous2 entry hehe


00:27 start with Seyong, Gunwoo, Chaejin, JunQ, Insoo
00:27 Seyong (red hair)
00:32 Gunwoo (he looks like Jaehyo + Chunji lol)
00:39 Insoo (looks like JYJ Junsu)
01:36 JunQ (Rapper and looks like Lee Seunggi)
01:57 Chaejin

I should share their performances too right?

credit: capsuleHD @ YT

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Compilation Malaysian Artist twitter

This is a big challenge for me to post something like this but I will try my best. By the way, I don't have all of their twitter but will update from time to time. Lets spread this and do credit me if u want to share on your blog. Thank you :)

Adi Putra!/ADPadiputra
Ainul Aishah!/AinulAishah
Adeline Tsen!/ATheLine
Aznil Nawawi!/aznilnawawiHM
Amanda Imani!/AmandaImani
Aaron Aziz!/Aaron535Aziz
Arif Ameerais Forteen!/arifameerais
Amanda Misbun!/amandamisbun
Azhan Rani!/azhanrani
Awal Ashaari!/awalashaari
Awi Rafael!/awirafael
Ahmad Idham!/Ahmad_Idham
Ashraf Muslim!/ashrafmuslim
Ashraf Sinclair!/ashrafsinclair
Adibah Noor!/adibahnoor
Aishah Sinclair!/AishahCLPT
Afdlin Shauki!/afdlinshauki
Azwan Ali!/AzwanNur
Azlee Khairi!/AzleeKhairi
Amyza Aznan!/amyzaaznan
Along Raja Lawak!/alongrajalawak
Aidid Marcello!/aidid_marcello
Alif Satar!/alifsatar
Ana Raffali!/anaraffali
Adi Fashla!/Adifashla
Azza Elite!/azzaelite
Aizat Amdan!/MuhdAizatAmdan
Anita Baharom!/AnitaBaharom
Angah Raja Lawak!/angah_lawaking

Bront Palarae!/Bront_Palarae
Beto Kusyairi!/Beto_Kusyairy

Cat Farish!/catfarishHM

Dira Abu Zahar!/diraabuzahar
Dynas Mokhtar!/dynasCLPT 
Diana Danielle!/DianaDanielleB
Diana Amir!/Diana_Amir
Daphne Iking!/DaphCLPT
Didie Alias!/didiealias73
Dina Nadzir!/DinaNadzir

Erma Fatima!/erma_fatima
Ezlisa Loy!/ezlisa_loy
Elfira Loy!/elfira_loy
Eira Syazira!/EiraSyaziraS
Erry Putra!/Erry_Putra
Erra Fazira!/ErraFaziraWC!/ErraFazira
Erin Malek!/erin_malek
Emelda Rosemila!/emeldarose
Ella Aminuddin!/EllaAminuddin
Elaine Daly!/elainedaly
Estranged Band!/estrangedband

Faizal HOTFM!/faizal_hotfm
Fathia Latiff!/fatiyalatiff
Fikhree Bakar!/FikhreeBakar
Faralyna Idris!/faralynaidris
Fara Fauzana!/REALFAFAU
Faezah Elai!/faezah_elai
Fasha Sandha!/FashaSandha1
Faizal Tahir!/faizal_tahir
Fouziah Gous!/fouziahgous
Fizo Omar!/fizoomar
Fizz Fairuz!/fizz_fairuz
Fazley Yaakob!/FazleyYaakob
Fatimah Abu Bakar!/fatibee
Fitri AF2!/FitriAF2

Gambit Saifullah!/GambitSaifullah

Heliza Helmi!/helizahelmi
Hansen Lee!/hansenlee
Henry Golding!/henrygolding
Hujan Band!/hujanband
Hunny Madu!/heyhunnymadu
Harith Iskandar!/HarithIskander

Ifa Raziah!/Ifa_Raziah
Ikhwan HOTFM!/IkhwanHotFM
Izara Aishah!/IzaraAishah
Ika Nabella!/IkaNabella
Izzue Islam!/IzzueIslam
Intan Norsaina!/IntanNorSaina
Iqram Dinzly!/IqramDinzlyHM
Intan Ladyana!/intanladyana
Irma Hasmie!/IRMA_HASMIE
Izreen Azminda!/Izreen_Azminda
Isma AF7!/IsmaAf7

Juliana Evans!/juliana_evans
Julia Ziegler!/Zieglerjulia
Johan Asari!/JohanAsari
Joe Flizzow!/flizzow
Juliza Adzlizan!/JulizaAdzlizan
Jaclyn Victor!/jaclyn_victor
Jehan Miskin!/jehanmiskin
Johan Raja Lawak!/JohanRajalawak

Kamal Adli!/kamaladli
Khir Rahman!/KhirRahman
Kieran HOTFM!/KieranHotfm
Karl Shafek!/karlshafek
Liyana Jasmay!/LiyanaJasmay
Lisa Surihani!/LisaSurihani
Lina Teoh!/linateoh
Linda Onn!/LindaOnn

Melissa Saila!/MelissaSaila
Muniff Isa!/muniff_isa
Marsha Milan Londoh!/MarshaMilan
Mia Sara!/MiaSaraNasuha
Marion Caunter!/marioncaunter
Mizz Nina!/mizznina1780
Misha Omar!/samihahomar
Mamat Sepah!/mamatsepah
Maria Farida!/mariafarida

Nabila Huda!/abilsuhaimi
Ning Baizura!/NingDalton
Nazril Idrus!/Nash_IdrusLVG
Natasha Hudson!/natasha_hudson
Nadia Aqilah!/missnadiaaqilah
Naim Daniel!/naimdaniel
Nora Danish!/Nor4Danish
Nazim Othman!/NazimOthman
Norman KRU!/NormanKRU
Nas Adila!/NasAdiLa
Noh Hujan!/MohdNohSalleh

One Sofazr!/onesofazr
One Forteen!/OneForteen

Pekin Ibrahim!/pekinibrahim7W
Puteri Sarah Liyana!/sarah_liyana

Qi Razali!/Qi0808

Reza Mohamed!/RezaMohamed
Riezman Khuzaimi!/Riezmank /!/riezmankhuzaimi
Raja Farah!/RajaFarahMBQ
Riz Ainuddin!/RizAinuddin
Rabecca Nur Al Islam!/RabeccaNAI
Rashidi Ishak!/rashidi_ishak
Remy Ishak!/remy_ishak

Sazzy Falak!/SazzyFalakCLPT
Sherry Ibrahim!/Sherryibrahim
Syafie Naswip!/SyafieNaswip
Saiful Apek!/saifulapek
Siti Saleha!/Siti_Saleha
Syuhaida/ Dottie Abraz!/DOTTIEabraz
Sharifah Aryana!/YanaAlyahya
Sabhi Saddi!/sabhisaddi84
Shila Amzah!/Shilaamzah
Sharifah Sakinah!/shsakinah
Sharifah Amani!/sharifahamani
Scha Alyahya!/schaalyahya
Shera Aiyob!/SheraAiyob
Sharifah Aleysha!/LeyshaSenyum
Sheila Majid!/SheilaMajid
Syazwan Zulkifly!/SyazwanZulkifly
Shajiry Damery!/shajiry
Dato' Siti Nurhaliza!/CTNurhaliza11
Shahz Jaszle!/Shahzjaszle
Shaheizy Sam!/Shaheizy_Sam
Sharifah Sofia!/sharifahsofia
Sharifah Shahira!/Shieraijoy
Salamiah Hassan!/salamiahhassan
Serina Redzuawan!/serinaredzuawan
Sham Kamikaze!/ShamKamikaze
Sharnaaz Ahmad!/SharnaazAhmad
Shasha Saidin!/sashasaidin
Sharifah Shahora!/ShShahora

Tiz Zaqyah!/Tiz_Zaqyah11
Tony Eusoff!/tonyeusoff
Tasha Shilla!/TashaShilla
Talha Harith!/talha_harith
Tania Hudson!/tania_hudson
Tiara Jacquelina!/tiarajacquelina
Tam Suhaimi!/thumb_suhaimi
Tini HOTFM!/tini_hotfm

Ummi Nazeera!/NazeeraUmmi
Umie Aida!/Umieaida

Vanidah Imran!/VivaVanidah

Wan Sharmila!/Wansharmilalala
Wardina Saffiyah!/WardinaSafiyyah


Yasmin Hani!/YasminHaniCLPT
Yusry KRU!/YusryKRU
Yassin Yahaya!/anye78
Yasmin Yusuff!/yyusuff

Ziela Jalil!/zielajalil
Zila Bakarin!/zilakaseh
Zain Saidin!/zainsaidin
Zizan Raja Lawak!/zizanrajalawak
Zahiril Adzim!/ZahirilAdzim
Zahida Rafik!/zahida_rafik
Zizan Nin!/zizannin
Zul 2 by 2!/zul2by2

p/s: I don't know how to sort this!!!!! Grrr but I think this is quite OK rite? And me want to make the twitter in link form but I'm just tired to do that LOL

p/s: If your favorite artist is not here, do mention me at @ezu_uze your artist's twitter so that I can put it here.

p/s: This is like a dedication to Malaysian artists since I usually more interested in Korean artists, hopefully u guys will appreciate this and I'm just an ordinary person, sorry for any mistakes. Do tell me if any mistakes occur.

p/s: again, do CREDIT me if u want to share! It took me an effort just to do this. Huhu enjoyyyyyyyy!

[TWITTER] Super Junior

This is a twitter compilation for Super Junior :)

p/s: Q, pls change ur DP lerrrr keke

McD vs KFC

Hari ni sangat boring walaupun sebenarnya da kene start study balik disebabkan posting semakin dekat. Tapi rasanya baik gunakan peluang yang masih berbaki ag tuk update blog, online, bertweet n berFB hehe. Nanti bila da start keje, belum tentu dapat online huhu.

Hari tu me tweet ngan kawan sal McD and rase terpanggil lak nk post sal bende nie keke. Antara McD ngan KFC, me ag suke McD. Bukan x suke ayam tapi xdela menarik sangat ayam. Me pun xtahula nape ramai sangat suke KFC especially lelaki. Kalau tanya mana-mana laki la, mostly ramai suke KFC. Tapi me ag suke McD. Suke burger dorang. Tapi skang me paling suke chicken porridge. Kadang-kadang kalau da x taw nak order ape, me order porridge je. Hehe kalau dalam sebulan tu bole mkn tiap minggu McD, KFC sebulan sekali jela hehe

Mcd terbaru perkenalkan chicken bites, KFC lak tomyam ek. Tengok iklan je, tak pernah rasa ag sebab tak berkesempatan nak kua bandar ag. Hopefully bole try rase before hbs promotion hehe.

So anda suke yg mane? McD atau KFC?

p/s: bile cite sal makanan, tak lapar pun jadi lapa keke

INFINITE, a way to recognise them

Recognise? Macam pelik je word nie. Ape word yg sepatutnya ek? Hmmm

Done reading their profile? But not know which one is them? Yesh. I will give tutorial how to know them from their music video. Interesting right? Keke but really hope it's working cos I'm using MV that I'd downloaded and share MV from YT. Hopefully it's same hehe

 Come Back (Dashi Dorawa)

L 0020/ 0159
Hoya 0028/ 0312
Woohyun 0024/0229
Dongwoo 0155/ 0131
Sungyeol 0031/ 0121
Sungjong 0101/ 0152
Sunggyu 0119/ 0221
0316 Hoya, Sungyeol, Sungjong
0317 Sunggyu, L, Dongwoo

She's Back

Sunggyu 0035
L 0048
Sungyeol 0053
Hoya 0116
Dongwoo 0123
Woohyun 0143
Sungjong 0146

BTD (Before The Dawn)

Woohyun 0057
Sunggyu 0107
Hoya 0117 (yellow stripe)
Dongwoo 0148
L 0155
Sungyeol 0222 (at the front)
Sungjong - blonde so easy to recognise him
(btw the main casts in this mv is L and Woohyun)

Nothing's Over (my favourite!)
p/s: u can definitely recognise them just using this mv hehe

Sungyeol 0000 (main cast, yellow trouser)
L 0013 (green)
Sunggyu 0030 (purple)
Woohyun 0036 (turqoise)
Sungjong 0120 (pink)
Dongwoo 0130 (red)
Hoya 0223 (blue)

Be Mine

L 0022
Woohyun 0030
Sungjong 0037
Sunggyu 0045
Sungyeol 0122
Hoya 0128/ 0314
Dongwoo 0135/ 0307


L 0022/ 0337
Sunggyu 0034
Sungjong 0043
Woohyun 0107
Hoya 0139
Sungyeol 0151
Dongwoo 0245

credit: woolliment @ YT

To be honest, ag senang kalo gune performance tapi malas nak buat hehe

p/s: my ultimate bias in INFINITE is L/Myungsoo and I think it's very easy to recognise him cos too much of him in their MVs keke of course, he is in charge of visual LOL


Recently my friend nak kenal group member ni. So I've decided to put their profile here eventhough i roughly took, copy and paste it from other blog hehe but i'm using newest pictures so that it will not confusing because I think for some people yang baru nak kenal, mesti diorang tengok MV or dengar lagu yang paling latest. Right? So here it is.....

from left: Sungjong, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Myungsoo, Howon, Sungyeol, Dongwoo


Name: Kim Sung Gyu
 Date of Birth: April 28, 1989
Height: 178 cm
Position: Leader & Main Vocals
Blood Type: A

Name: Jang Dong Woo
Date of Birth: November 22, 1990
Height: 175 cm
Position: Rapper
Blood Type: A

Name: Nam Woo Hyun
Date of Birth: February 8, 1991
Height: 176 cm
Position: Main Vocal
Blood Type: B

Name: Howon aka Hoya
Date of Birth: March 28, 1991
Height: 175 cm
Position: Rapper, Vocals & Dancer
Blood Type: AB

Name: Lee Seong Yeol
Date of Birth: August 27, 1991
Height: 181 cm
Position: Vocals
Blood Type: B

Name: Kim Myung Soo
Stage Name: L
Date of Birth: March 13, 1992
Height: 180 cm
Position: Vocals & Face of the Group
Blood Type: O

Name: Lee Sung Jong
Date of Birth: September 3, 1993
Height: 177 cm
Position: Vocals & Maknae

pictures credit to: kiss the radio via
profiles credit to:

p/s: try to use Hoya's picture from KTR but he used mask which means cannot see his face, so I took other pic keke my bias is so cute!


Alhamdulillah. Minggu lepas dapat berita baik surat posting da di pos. Minggu nie lak dapat news posting kat Selangor. Negeri yang di idam-idamkan. Tapi nape dulu tak mintak KL ek? Hehe pelik gak

Skang nie cume risau dapat hospital mane. Hopefully xdela jauh sangat dari rumah sedara huhu risau lak kalo dipikirkan. Memang stre~~~~~~ssssssss la kalo pikir sal keje ni. Lom keje ag. Kalo da keje nti tah macam manela. Huhu

Sorang kawan dapat HKL. Ag sorang dapat Pahang, macam yang die mintak. InsyaAllah masih bole berjumpa hehe nanti windula kat time holiday ni. Cuti panjang sangat kot sampai da jadi malas nak keje hehe. Malas nak wat revision, malas nak ingat nama drugs, sumela malas. Hmmmmm

Agak-agaknye dapat hospital manela ek. Ampang, Banting, Klang, Kajang, Serdang, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Tanjung Karang, Sg Buloh? Selayang da penuh huhu tapi memang tak nak Selayang pun sebab Selayang canggih sangat hehe

Ape-apepun sama-samala berdoa supaya dapat hospital yang OK and segalanya dipermudahkan oleh Allah S.W.T. Amin.

p/s: nak sangat Ampang, Serdang or Kajang huhu  tak tahu nape tp rase cm ok. Baby Nel lak suh amek Klang sebab dekat dengan die hehe