Wednesday, 2 November 2011

[PROFILE] The Boss

 from left: Hyunmin, Mika, Karam, Injoon,Jay


Position: Leader
Real Name: Lee Suhoon 이수훈
Birthdate: 1990.06.28
Height: 1.78cm
Bloodtype: B

Real Name: Woo Hyunmin 우현민
Birthdate: 1991.07.22
Height: 1,81cm
Bloodtype: O

Real name: Park Hyuncheol 박현철
Birthdate: 1991.06.28
Height: 1,78cm
Bloodtype: B

Real Name: Lee Injoon 이인준
Birthdate: 1992.03.09
Height: 1.75cm
Bloodtype: O

Real Name: Jeon Jihwan 전지환
Birthdate: 1994.03.31
Height: 1,70cm
Bloodtype: A

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p/s: for the 1st picture, I cannot differentiate which is Mika and which one is Jay lol this is my first time too grrrrr sorry if there is any mistake :)

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