Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Message, a way to MYNAME

I don't understand the title but i just want to put it that way keke

I'm currently addicted to this song, Message from MYNAME. Since I always forgot the members name, so this is like a tutorial for me to remember their name easily. LOL

The members are not too handsome, not to cute, not too pretty but when u listen and watch their performances, they become more attractive especially the one in red hair that I always forget his name keke

I guess everyone knows that they are under Hwanhee and their debut is on the day Hwanhee's leaving for army. I mean, Hwanhee go but leave us with 5 attractive singers keke

So, here it is. For full profile, refer to previous2 entry hehe


00:27 start with Seyong, Gunwoo, Chaejin, JunQ, Insoo
00:27 Seyong (red hair)
00:32 Gunwoo (he looks like Jaehyo + Chunji lol)
00:39 Insoo (looks like JYJ Junsu)
01:36 JunQ (Rapper and looks like Lee Seunggi)
01:57 Chaejin

I should share their performances too right?

credit: capsuleHD @ YT


  1. aku pon da start suke ngan lagu ni ble ko rekomenkan,.ad satu sore tu yg aku suke,.jap nk cek,.ha Insoo,.ak ase muke die cam muke sorg member block b p xinagt name :P

  2. Mesti si Zico ni. Haah. X perasan. Dorg cume cakap mcm Junsu je keke mase 1st aku donlod kt lovekpopsubs tu, kan org tu komen kat bawah ckp die dgr byk kali. Pastu ak cam ckp dlm hatila best sgt ke. Last2 ak pun addicted keke bestkan sore Insoo. Kalo x, xkanla masuk Superstar K hehe

  3. eh bukan zico,.zico ak kenal,.ade sorg tu,.jap,.ha,.jaehyo semangat ak g google hahaha

  4. aku rase Gunwoo yang macam jaehyo hahaha sore Insoo tu memang best hehe