Tuesday, 1 November 2011

INFINITE, a way to recognise them

Recognise? Macam pelik je word nie. Ape word yg sepatutnya ek? Hmmm

Done reading their profile? But not know which one is them? Yesh. I will give tutorial how to know them from their music video. Interesting right? Keke but really hope it's working cos I'm using MV that I'd downloaded and share MV from YT. Hopefully it's same hehe

 Come Back (Dashi Dorawa)

L 0020/ 0159
Hoya 0028/ 0312
Woohyun 0024/0229
Dongwoo 0155/ 0131
Sungyeol 0031/ 0121
Sungjong 0101/ 0152
Sunggyu 0119/ 0221
0316 Hoya, Sungyeol, Sungjong
0317 Sunggyu, L, Dongwoo

She's Back

Sunggyu 0035
L 0048
Sungyeol 0053
Hoya 0116
Dongwoo 0123
Woohyun 0143
Sungjong 0146

BTD (Before The Dawn)

Woohyun 0057
Sunggyu 0107
Hoya 0117 (yellow stripe)
Dongwoo 0148
L 0155
Sungyeol 0222 (at the front)
Sungjong - blonde so easy to recognise him
(btw the main casts in this mv is L and Woohyun)

Nothing's Over (my favourite!)
p/s: u can definitely recognise them just using this mv hehe

Sungyeol 0000 (main cast, yellow trouser)
L 0013 (green)
Sunggyu 0030 (purple)
Woohyun 0036 (turqoise)
Sungjong 0120 (pink)
Dongwoo 0130 (red)
Hoya 0223 (blue)

Be Mine

L 0022
Woohyun 0030
Sungjong 0037
Sunggyu 0045
Sungyeol 0122
Hoya 0128/ 0314
Dongwoo 0135/ 0307


L 0022/ 0337
Sunggyu 0034
Sungjong 0043
Woohyun 0107
Hoya 0139
Sungyeol 0151
Dongwoo 0245

credit: woolliment @ YT

To be honest, ag senang kalo gune performance tapi malas nak buat hehe

p/s: my ultimate bias in INFINITE is L/Myungsoo and I think it's very easy to recognise him cos too much of him in their MVs keke of course, he is in charge of visual LOL


  1. really work hard on this ^^ org len bz prepare nk kje,.ak lak nk kenal dorg ni,.hahaha ^^

  2. haha lawak. Aku pun macam nak x nak je prepare keje. So, sore sape yg ko suke?

  3. untk isnin ni da kene prepare,.uhu,.tpn,.hua3.,.ha,.ak ase aku suke leader la,sape ag,.hahahaha,.sunggyu,.kyaaaaa,..besenyer jrg ek leader sore best n cam pelik lak ak suke yg sore best,.haahahaha

  4. haha tula. Mostly leader sore bese2 hahaha tapi aku pasan Sunggyu suke wat satu tone tu haha susah lak nak explain keke